Daniel Gregg was the six year half-brother of Collingsworth Wilson who lived in Silver Springs up until his death on


David Gregg

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:




Known Relatives:

Collingsworth Wilson (half-brother)

Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: No Actor
Appearence: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Mountain Road 1973.

He was the Hit and Run victim of Barry Cox, Julie James, Helen Rivers and Ray Bronson leading to their targeting by the begrieved Collie Wilson under the guise of Bud Wilson.

I Know What You Did Last SummerEdit

David Gregg known as Davy Gregg for short by his loving half-brother Collie and best friend was attending a sleepover on Mountain Road North of the rural town of Silver Springs just above the junction of 301.

A driving teenager Barry Cox escorting his girlfriend Helen Rivers and friends Ray Bronson through a harmless joyride.

However David donning his bicycle departing from his best friend's home rode out onto the street and the exceccit speed emananted in the collision costing his life.

The group in a state of panic kept on driving not stopping until a reaching a phone booth later down the street and then contacting 911 to report the death.

The Pact of 1973Edit

Julie James, Helen Rivers, Ray Bronson and Barry Cox upon the hit and run manslaughter of Davy Gregg swear to conceal their involvment until their graves and because of their failure to report their crucial involvment in Davy's demise his grieving half-brother Collie enters the group's lives the following summer posing as a bespectled man named Bud who wins Julie's heart and a rebound relationship following her seperation from Ray because the events.

Collie leaves omninous threatening messages to the group beginning with Julie early one morning with the simple lettering reading "I Know What You Did Last Summer" the taped picture of David on Helen's apartment door, a bullet to the stomach of Barry and an article regarding David's death to Ray.

Collie's rage intensifies leading him to attempt murder on the group beginning with Barry.

He fails but then advances upon Helen finally revealing his visage behind the concealment.

He attempted to kill Julie in the end to upset Ray as an emotional strike but failed.