The Harper's Call is the Southport Gang appearing in I Know What You Did Last Summer game.
Harper's Call
Harper's Call
Southport -various locations
Birth date
Deceased All
Various Relatives
Notable powers
Weaponry, Aggresion
Portrayed by
Mark Aines,

Julio Tadarri, Cooeper Fold, Barry Dane, Jumper Adams,

Finn Morie',

I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

The Pact 1997Edit

Following the death of Tamara Willis in Miller's Road Max Petrossi ordered the others to conceal their involvment in her death by ridding themselves of the vehicle and alchohol.

They drove the vehicle off into the pier at Miller's Dock where the Southport Gang Harper's Call frequents and henceforth payed witness to the ridding of the car.

They are then targeted by Tamara Willis who orders her murderous fisherman uncle Benjamin Willis to execute them one by one along with two others who were involved before finally making it to the ones who killed her.

Harper's CallEdit

The Harper's Call in the following chapter are targeted by Benjamin Willis and killed one by one as the members of the Max group are charged with protecting them following the deat of one of them and a potential rape victim.

The gang is killed one by one until the leader is finally slaughtered before Max.


Inside the Southport Foundry the ones who collided with Tamara Willis discover images of both them, the Harper's Call Gang, The Rape Victim and the Croaker Queen Marybeth Landrey in their involvment to the death of Tamara Willis.

First Marybeth for deliberatley shutting down the planned concert performance Tamara was to perform at but instead in sadness retreated to the Miller's Wood then leading to her death.

The actual group whose car collided with the tree propelling her into the spikes that took her life and their concealment so they wouldnt face justice.

The Rape Victim who actually had walked past the spot in the woods right at the time of Tamara's death clearly seeing the group collide with the tree propelling her.

And then finally the Harper's Call Gang watching them dispose the car involved.

The Harper's Call Gang were killed by Ben Willis like the rape victim, Marybeth Landrey and the others of the main group who collided with the tree apart from leader Max whom Tamara wanted to kill herself.


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