Larena Smith is a survivor character appearing in Last Summer 3D portrayed by Naturi Naughton.

Larena Smith
Basic Information
Name Larena Smith
Born 16/7/1991
Died ()
Status Alive
Nicknames Larena,

Miss Beautiful Singing Voice

Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Family Mr. Smith (Father),

Mrs. Smith (Mother), Little Brother Smith and Little Sister Smith

Portrayed by Naturi Naughton
Films Last Summer 3D

She is a student of Southport High and a new student as she had been a student at Bentley Park High School before moving into Southport with her parents.

She is an aspiring singer character whom performs a memorial song at the whole school assembly on July 2nd 2011 for Julie and Ray Bronson and Susan Granger.

She is the final closing victim of Last Summer 3D though as had been originally scripted by Kevin Williamson it was Alice and her glass shatter death was to be the closing.

Last Summer 3DEdit

Larena is the girlfriend of Phillip Marks in Last Summer 3D though he his interested in Amanda Richardson.

She is acquintances with Amanda Richardson, Alice Himbry and Daneka Lund when she had moved to Southport on June 14th 2011.

She sings at the whole school assembly on July 2nd 2011 at a memorial school service for recently killled Southport citizens Julie and Ray Bronson and local architect Susan Granger.

She is hired as the performing singer at Amanda's get together 4th of July party and subsequently survives the horrible massacre which takes place at the party.

Reece who had left the party getting a message from Laker's phone telling him to meet him at the Southport High School Football grounds leaves Amanda alone during the carnage with Larena as most of the others are subsequently killed and the other partygoers flee.

Larena and Amanda rush across the street to Alice Himbry's residence and find Alice to be dead in her upstairs bedroom.

The fisherman Benjamin Willis Jr. comes and renders both the girls unconsious placing them into his truck and taking off to Shivers Shop.

Reece who in the meanwhile had gone to the Southport High Football Grounds to find that Laker had not indeed messaged him as he had been killed and the killer had apprehended the phone and instead messaged him.

Larena and Amanda at Shivers make a run for within the shop and uncover the secret chambers containing photographs of all of them and the bodies of LaShawne Marks, Shuritta Shore and Hakeem Jansen.

They are then confronted by the fisherman killer whom seizes hold of Amanda as Larena runs off jumping out an open window in the back alley.

The fisherman Benjamin Willis Jr. then proceeds to throw Amanda away at a small table which she smashes into and renders her unconsious once again to take pursuit of the running away Larena.

He catches Larena as she almost makes it out the Shivers back alleys to the 4th of July parade passing by which has officers, civillians and even her family sitting in a front row.

She is then goes back to the Shivers shop right before Amanda and the slicker attire is dropped to reveal the identity of the killer.

Following that Amanda and Larena was saved from the same fate as Alice as Melissa "Missy" Egan smashed into the shop with her truck and shot at the killer distracting him along enough for Amanda to have a final wrestle with him in which she kills him.

Missy told Amanda and Larena that she had received a text message from a Karla Wilson telling of what happened and her suspicions as to who the killer might be which lead her to find them.

However this was indeed a lie as Missy Egan indeed herself was a partner to Benjamin Willis Jr. whom had been approached by him the previous summer and told her that David Egan her long dead brother had been indeed killed by Julie James and her husband Ray Bronson when it had been indeed Benjamin's father to whom he takes his name from.

It is then revealed to the audience that Missy had been the one that murdered Julie and Ray at the beginning and framed Burke Daniels and the killings of all the recent teenagers had been the work of Benjamin Willis Jr. to which she almost no involvment in.

The final twist is that Missy had discovered that Benjamin Willis Jr's father had been the one that killed her brother and had set her up so she up for Amanda to kill him and had been in cohorts with Karla Wilson upon learning the truth.

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