Marybeth Landrey is a non-playable character in I Know What You Did Last Summer the Video Game voiced

Marybeth Landrey
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Name Marybeth Landrey
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Status Deceased
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Gender Female
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by Tina Wesson.

She is the Croaker Queen Pageanat Winner of Southport 1998 and the instigator behind te shutdown of the musical concert performance malevolent spirit Tamara Willis was to perform at.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Video GameEdit

4th Of July ParadeEdit

Marybeth Landrey was the Southport Croaker Queen of 1998 as crowned by her predessor the successor to Helen Shivers.

She is honoured with riding in the 4th of July parade as tradition and because of targeting by the Fisherman Benjamin Willis is put in the watchful protection of Max Petrossi and his friends.

Marybeth was targeted by Tamara and left as a target for fisherman Benjamin Willis to kill before abducting the main ones responsebile for her death.

Marybeth has a large hanger's hook thrown through the float she's on which pierces her heart.


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