Olivia Sarah-Veremerez is a victim character appearing in Last Summer 3D portrayed by Shailene Woodley

Olivia Sarah-Veremez
Basic Information
Name Olivia Sarah-Veremez
Born 17/1/1991
Died 2/6/2011
Status Deceased
Nicknames Ollie Mollie,

Olivia, Miss Veremerez

Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Family Mrs. Veremerez (Mother),

Mr. Veremerez (Father)

Portrayed by Shailene Woodley
Films Last Summer 3D

She is a student of Southport High School and the bestfriend of LaShawne Marks.

She serves as the ultimate third victim of the film and's death goes unoticed to the other students of Southport and townsmembers as Olivia was meant to go off to New York in favour of becoming a serious actress (making her a equivalent character somewhat of the original Helen Shivers.)

She is murdered by Benjamin Willis Jr. on the evening of the 2nd of July as she was secretly a person whom happened to pass Amanda Richardson, Reece Matthews, Laker Stalk and Alice Himbry as they were disposing of Benjamin Willis Jr..

The character is deliberatley titled with the certain first name of Olivia as Scream 4 possessed a victim character named Olivia Morris portrayed by Marielle Jaffe and Olivia Castle whom is a victim character of Final Destination 5 portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes-Wood.

Last Summer 3D

Olivia Veremerez is a pretty bright Southport student whom unlike her bestfriend LaShawne Marks is not nasty and immature.

She is seen as hardworking and outgoing and is liked reasonably by the Reece Matthews Friendship circle of Southport as well as many other students.

Her family is close friends with the Marks family hence her coming to be LaShawne's bestfriend and Olivia dreams of being a big Hollywood Actress calling dead Southport resident and former student Helen Shivers whom was killed in 1997 by Benjamin Willis on 4th of July.

Olivia was a Croaker Queen winner in 2007 and works as a waitress in her mother's small Southport Cafe which finances for her ticket out of Southport.

She was to drop out of school early and take off to New York City the day come of the 3rd Of July but met her end at the hands and hook of Benjamin Willis Jr. at her mother's small cafe whilest she was working before night by herself and closing up.

She is killed via firstly chip fryer grease being thrown at her face and shoulder blades which slowly disolves away her flesh and causes her to jerk over onto the ground where she is finished with a stab to the right side of the throat with Benjamin Willis Jr.'s hook

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