Phillip Marks is a Southport Senior character who appears in Last Summer 3D. He is an interlude victim and had an undying crush on Amanda. He dated Larena Smith despite his crush.

Name: Phillippe Martine Marks
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Hair color:


Location: Southport
Known Relatives:

Julia Marks (mother)

Martine Marks (father)

LaShawne Marks (sister)

Birth: 8/10/1992
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Norman Reedus
First Appearance: Last Summer

He was the son of Julie James Ben Willis murdered therapist Helena Marks.

He had a deep hearted crush on Amanda Richardson which also lead to his death on the 4th of July 2010.

He is the equivalent character of Max Neurick.

Last Summer 3DEdit

Phillip Marks appears as a character circling the 2010 pact characters of Last Summer 3D playing a a similiar role to Max Neurick from I Know What You Did Last Summer.

He appears troubled which gains and at times detaches character Amanda Richardson's sympathy.

He dates Larena Smith as sort a distraction to distance himself from Amanda's boyfriend, but unbeknownst to him, Larena is cheating on him with William Bennett

Though Alice Himbry shows great admiration towards his romantic efforts to impress Amanda remains faithful and admiring towards pact leader and later survivour Reece Matthews.

The night of the Miller's Road Manslaughter Phillip's advances towards Amanda are met with the same result as Max's towards Julie James in the first summer.

However instead of Barry Cox alchololic equivalent Laker Stalk attacks Phillip and the two engage in a fight.

Phillip shows more restraint though following towards both Barry and Reece.

Reece becomes an interlude victim as pre-meditated by Benjamin Willis the following fourth of july which includes a person each affiliated closely with the four members of the pact.

Phillip is Amanda's affiliate victim.

Phillip's body is then discovered by Reece, Larena and Amanda planted in her bed.

Letters to AmandaEdit

Throughout the course of Last Summer Phillip writes love letters and various cliche Shakespeare esque poetry as referred to by Reece upon discovering the letters.

Reece like the character equivalent Ray Bronson of the first two summer does not attack and viciously confront thr admiring Phillip as if Laker Stalk would.

Amanda discarded the letters but not throw them away which lead to their discovery by Reece.

Death SequenceEdit

Phillip is lured by a false note proclaiming to being from Amanda inviting him into her bedroom for a surpise.

There seems to be a very detailed letter which garners Phillip's attention.

Phillip enters the bedroom and is advanced as Benjamin Willis Jr. swings out from another doorway smacking him with a brandished machete.

Phillip then lying injured on the bed is stabbed as Ben inserts his machete through the water bed's bottom which comes up through his chest exploding with blood which in the process breaks Amanda's bed.