Reece Matthews a protagonist character appearing in the fourth I Know What You Did Last Summer

Reece Matthews
Reece Matthews I Know What You Did Last Summer Wiki
Basic Information
Name Reece Matthews
Born 3/7/1990
Died Still Active
Status Still Active
Nicknames Reece,

Big Man Reece, Leader Reece, Goodie Two Shoes King Reece

Gender Male
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Family Mr. Matthews (Father),

Mrs. Matthews (Mother)

Portrayed by Michael Rady
Films Last Summer 3D
instalment Last Summer 3D. He is portrayed by Michael Rady.

Last Summer 3DEdit

Reece Matthews is the leader of the Reece Matthews Friendship Circle clique of Southport High School and boyfriend of Amanda Richardson 

The PactEdit

Reece is the leader of the group responsabile for the second manslaughter of a Ben Willis on July 4th in Southport on the bend of Miller's Road.

His character has the consience of Julie James during the pact but is the equivalent of Ray Bronson of the original.

Reece and AmandaEdit

Reece in Last Summer 3D is the boyfriend of Amanda Richardson as well as friend of Alice Himbry and Laker Stalk who he constantly aligns with.

He also pities Amanda's admirer Phillipe throughout Last Summer and attends Southport High School with Amanda. Reece is an ideal varsity hero and intelligent A Grader well recommended by many teachers but among Southport High School's Principle.

The Principle is seen constantly recommending Reece in their sequences which leads Benjamin Willis Jr. to murder him and use him as a gag gift for Reece to discover upon his psychical attack.

3D SequencesEdit

Reece in Last Summer 3D is seen in may sequences brandishing his trademark lucky Baseball Bat 19 which creates a 3D effect upon his appearence and the final confrontation with Ben Willis Junior oversees Reece attack with many weapons which erupt from the screen.