Romola Richardson is a victim of Benjamin Willis Jr. in Last Summer 3D.

Shirley maclaine
Name: Romola Rhona Casterman
Gender: Female
Eye color: Blue
Hair color:



Location: Southport
Known Relatives:

Royce Richardson (husband) Amanda Richardson (daughter) Daneka Lund (niece)

Birth: 21/2/1962
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Shirley Maclaine
First Appearance: Last Summer

She is the mother of Amanda Richardson and lives on 89th Street Southport Home Thirteen.

She is portrayed by Shirley Maclaine.

Last Summer 3D

Romola Richardson appears as the only parent seen of the four protagonist teenagers involved in the 2010 4th of July prank.

She appears an alchoholic verbally abusive mother who intimades her straight A student daughter Amanda to the point of emotional break.

She is resented by all the Southport citizens for having relationships with most of the male parents.

Eventually upon the severity of the Fisherman's threats and attacks leads to Amanda consulting with her mother,

but she dismisses her resorting to more alchohol to deal with the problem.

The party set up at house thirteen goes undetected by her as her latest heavy dose of Southport red wine leaves her to depart upstairs to take a bath completely drenched in wine.

As the party goes underway following Laker's death and soon Alice across the street is violently murdered by the Fisherman, Romola is killed by the Fisherman as he traverses across the street to the house.

Amanda then discovers her mother's body and upon trying to revive her lifeless corpse breaks the bathtub spilling the blood and wine water onto the floor.


Romola appears as an unproviding abusive mother constantly undermining her daughter and intimidating her.

Amanda doesnt stand back to her mother and even though despite the poor treatment mourns heavily over her murder.

3D Sequence

Romola's death scene is completly captured in 3D up to the upour of the hook through her throat.


Romola is killed after entering the wine bath and slashed severley across the chest with the hook and finally stabbed through the mouth from the back of the neck.