Shurrita Shore is a young african-american woman who appears as the equivalent to Missy Egan, although she also shares traits with Sheriff Davis, Karla Wilson, and Amber Williams. She is portrayed by Meagan Good.

Shuritta Shore
Basic Information
Name Shuritta Shore
Born 9/11/1978
Died 3/6/2011
Status Deceased
Nicknames Detective Shore
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Family Hakeem Jansen (cousin),

Mr. Jansen (cousin), Johnson Shore (Deceased father), Mrs. Shore (Mother) Mrs. Jansen (cousin)

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Last Summer 3DEdit

She is a detective who has been keeping an eye on Amanda, and Laker, thinking they killed Julie James. She and her cousin Hakeem Jansen are looking through the highscool building, where both are killed by The Fisherman.

She is the daughter of a former prominent Salt Lake Sergeant who used to take Shuritta and her mother out fishing in Southport.

In The fall of 1991 they moved from Salt Lake City to Southport following Johnson Shore having a stroke and Shuritta began school at Southport High School.

She went on to become a cop as her father passed away in 1994 and a woman with an abusive husband he had been helping back in Salt Lake is killed.

Shuritta is also family friends with the Smith Family and was formely the predessor inhabitant of the Honeymoon Suite of which Karla Wilson checked into with Tyrell Martin at Tower Bay.

It is revealed that Shuritta had stayed at Tower Bay in the honeymoon suite as her mother had bought out the place before selling to Mr. Brooks and Shuritta took the room because it was large and spacious not because she had a partner.


Phillip Marks knows that she went to the school for evidence against Amanda. He calls her and they get into an argument. suddenly the power goes out and Shurrita is strangled to death with the phone cord.

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