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Name: Benjamin Willis


Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:



Killer, Fisherman 

Known Relatives:

Mrs. Willis,

Susie Willis(daughter),

Will Benson(son)

Status: Deceased ?

Killed by:

'Portrayed 'By:                    

Julie James 

Muse Watson


I Know What You Did Last Summer,

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

-'"He is taunting us..."-  Julie James .' 

Benjamin Willis is the main antagonist of the Last Summer Series. He is a former fisherman, that in revenge killed the fianceé and accidental killer of his daughter Susie. After being ran over by Julie James, alongside Barry Cox, Ray Bronson and Helen Shivers; He begins to harass and cruelly scare the teenagers, finally killing them.

In the second statement he gets help from his son, and gets killed by several gunshot wounds, shot by Julie...

The FishermanEdit

Some time ago before the events of the movies, Ben Willis  worked for an island resort in the Bahamas. His wife died and moved to Southport with his daughter Susie, he continued working as a fisherman. His daughter got in a relationship with a boy named David Egan, and he proposed to her. In the summer of 1996, much time before marrying, Susie died in a car accident and, as much the town did, Ben blamed David for her death and wanted to take revenge. One year later, he was successful in killing David and made it appear to be a suicide, however before he could get away, he was ran over by a group of teenagers who dumped his body in the ocean, he believed they had seen him murdering Egan, and by such they had tried on purpose to kill him... Still alive, Ben began stalking the teens and hatched a plan which he put into effect one year later on the exact date. 

At first he sent notes to them, that read: "I know what you did last summer." Something that forced the group to break apart.

Afterwards he killed Max (one of the group's friend) with a fisherman attire and a longshoreman's hook from the store Ray worked in... Ray went to get his jumper from the store, and after he found it gone from his locker, asked his boss if someone else was there, in what he got a "only you and me" answer.

He walked out to see his car get 'stolen' in reverse. He ran after it, to see the front lines turn on, and then speed towards him, he tried to run away from it, but the car caught up to him and crashed him through a cottage. Ray survived and saw Ben walk out in his fisherman disguise and threaten him with his hook.

After this happened he was taken to the local hospital, where the group had yet another discussion about what to do. And doubt each other.

When Helen returns home, she walks in and then the fisherman enters the house and sneaks before her to her own room. Where he hides in a dark closet there, the next day she goes into the bathroom to see in her mirror the words "SOON."

In desperation she screams, and break the mirror with her hand, later to call Julie.

Julie back home, goes, alongside Helen, to talk to David Egan's sister to point down the killer. They learn nothing useful. And after talking with Barry they decide to go on with the 4rth of July celebration. Where Helen is Queen of the dance... There the fisherman kills off Barry, in response, Helen starts screaming and get herself to be taken by a police officer home.

Benjamin, fakes his car being broken in front of them, and the officer walks down to help. Where he gets killed by the fisherman. Helen tries to run but eventually gets cornered and killed.

Julie goes back to Egan's sister, where she realizes the killer to be Benjamin Willis, Susie's surviving father.

Scared, she goes to the only friend she has left, Ray, who she thinks after reading his boat's name, is the killer. Running away from him she meets the real killer Ben.

Who used the covering clothes to conceal his identity until the final confrontation of the first film with Julie and Ray Bronson, who end up defeating him.

In the second installment Ben is revealed to had survived his encounter yet again from Julie and Ray. He adopted the same slicker and now with a hook permanently attached to where his hand was amputated by the boat chain grinder he begins to kill the inhabitants of his old resort and continue to terrorize Julie before trying to end her life again. Benjamin Willis was killed by Julie via multiple gun shots to the chest in the resort graveyard containing the empty graves marked with gravestones of his deceased family, including Susie his long lost daughter.


William WillisEdit

The fisherman had an accomplice killer in the second film, this was his son William who disguised himself as teenager Will Benson ad tricked Julie and the others into travelling to the Bahamas old family resort where they were to be hunted by Ben.

Will was accidentally gutted by his fathers hook when Ben took a swipe at Ray and missed stabbing his son instead. Much to his dismay and rage.

Ben was buried in Julie's dug in open grave and covered by the pouring dirt and water of the storm sweeping the island.


Estes used to be Benjamin's servant and friend, while they both lived in the island. When Estes recollects his daughter and son and recognizes Will as the accomplice.

Estes tried voodoo rituals to ward off the oncoming advances of Ben Willis and accomplice son but to no prevail.

Estes stole Julie's toothbrush and Karla Wilson's hair tie to perform the protection ritual.

Susan WillisEdit

His beloved daughter lost her life in tragic car accident involving a drunken boyfriend. 

Benjamin Willis loved her very much, he had a tattoo that had her name in his body. And was really caring for her... When she was killed, he was devastated.

The boyfriend David Egan was killed in mercy by Ben after him wanting to atone for his sins that night and met Ben on the windy road surrounding Miller's beach.

He was stabbed in the chest once and dropped from the high cliff into the water below and caught weeks later in a fishing net not far from Miller's dock.

David's (Suzie's boyfriend) turn away coin is collected by Ben in remembrance of him and found by Julie James in the final confrontation.


  • Benjamin Willis character and first summer installment are spoofed in the highly popular parody Scary Movie, in which Anna Faris' character Cindy Campbell who has to contend with a mentally disabled serial killer with a craving for getting high, doing desperate reporters and filling his underwear with excrement.
  • The Last summer storyline corresponds with Cindy's friends all running over a man believing him to be dead dump in the pier water though he was still alive and are hilariously picked off by a ghostface with a hook.

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